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A Whole Building Life-Cycle Assessment (WBLCA) studies the totality of products present in a building, providing valuable information for decision-making related to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance and eventual demolition or reuse of a building. Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments (WBLCA) is a method used to quantify GHG emissions associated with building materials and evaluate alternative materials with potentially lower emissions.

Reducing embodied carbon in buildings is essential to meet the latest green building certification requirements. The design and construction decisions you make on a project can have long-lasting environmental impacts. BRS Consulting can help you make the right choices.

We offer the following services to reduce your project's embodied carbon:

  • Life-cycle assessments and embodied carbon calculations, including establishing a baseline. 

  • Materials optimization / low-carbon material substitutes

  • Organizational strategy and consulting 

  • Client Portfolio WBLCA Analytics and Management

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