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Consider us your outsourced sustainability department. 


We work alongside your company as an extension of the team. As a managed service, BRS Consulting works with organizations operating without an internal sustainability department or we play a specific role within the in-house sustainability team. Whether your need specific technical expertise or a sustainability generalist, our Managed Sustainability Services is an affordable way to scale up without the headache of hiring. 

Our team understands sustainability and becomes your partner to help improve your organization’s environmental impact. We handle the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on your core capabilities. Together we will look at the metrics that are important to you, and implement a course of action to improve those metrics.

Here are just a few of the tasks we can take off your plate:

  • Outsourced Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSO)

  • Independent Contractor to Sustainable Building Consulting Firms

  • Corporate Green Building Standard Development

  • Materiality and Market Research

  • Sustainability Marketing Collateral and Messaging Development

  • Manufacturing and Green Building Product Certifications

  • Sales Support for Sustainability-Related Project Inquiries

  • Product Library Implementation and Maintenance (mM, Ecomedes, UL SPOT, etc.)

  • Interactions with Stakeholders and External Services

  • Brand Representation 

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