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Early planning and design of a building has a major impact on a greener built environment. The earlier you are able to involve sustainability into your design, the more sustainable you are able to build it. This will ultimately lead to long-term environmentally friendly benefits within the building. 

There are many sustainable solutions to choose from which can save you money, energy, and time in the long run. To make sure you're reaching your sustainable building goals, BRS Consulting can assist at the design stage to assess different categories such as:

  • Materials

  • Water

  • Energy

  • Waste

  • Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Site 

  • Transportation

Gap Analysis and Feasibility Studies 

If you're unsure which building certification to pursue, or concerned your project might not meet the minimum requirements (prerequisites), or you're curious what level of certification your project might achieve, BRS can help by completing a Gap Analysis and Feasibility Study for your project.

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