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BRS Consulting works to adhere to all sustainability standards and regulations to elevate your company and your project's potential. 

Local Law Compliance

Across the country, many local and state have enacted laws to maximize performance of the built environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have a deep understanding of green-building and other sustainability policies. 

Green Building Standards

Green Building Standards serve as benchmarks for sustainable construction and development performance. Obtaining various green building certifications may have fiscal and operational benefits but can be very costly to attain in both time and money. BRS Consulting works with project teams to develop company-specific green building standards that utilize green building standards to help achieve their sustainability goals.

Green Product Standards

Making a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, environmental impacts, and health impacts of your building requires a critical step: setting sustainability standards for the products you specify. BRS Consulting can help you create a Green Product Sustainability Standard to establish sustainability performance criteria for your most commonly used, high-impact product categories for your green building projects. 

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